Fly fishing is one of my favorite types of fishing

The angling method that is fly fishing involves the use of an artificial fly to catch fish. The gear you use to cast the fly includes a fly rod and reel and specialized weighted line. Specific casting techniques are needed to launch the nearly weightless fly or lure, and they are significantly different from other casting methods. Hand tied flies commonly used by fly anglers resemble baitfish, natural invertebrates and other food organisms.



You can do fly fishing in both salt and fresh water. In North America, anglers differentiate freshwater fishing through the water temperatures that promote the growth of their target species. Cold-water fish include trout, steelhead and salmon while warm-water species include bass, which is the most popular. On the other hand, British anglers differentiate fish species based on whether they are game fish, which include salmon and trout, or if they are coarse fishing species.



What excites me about fly fishing is that fish do not live in ugly locations. You can fish in an uncharted mountain lake, a wooded stream, a reef, a bay or a famous Western river and the setting is always awesomely beautiful. Half the fun comes from those fishing locations not being too easy to access. You may follow roads winding through heavy woods and mountain cliffs at the end of which is the most fantastic and strongest species you’ve ever fished. Truly, the journey often matters more than the destination.


Fly fishing involves brain power. It’s unlike fishing using a spinner rod. A lot of thought and knowledge about the location, fish feeding patterns and bug hatches go into the selection of the appropriate fly to use that can attract your target. You need to meticulously consider the fly needed, the time of day to fish, the proper placement of your fly to ensure it is naturally presented to the fish. The fly has to look perfect so as not to spook the fish away.

Aside from the brain workout, fly fishing also provides a killer workout. Though you can fly fish from a drift boat, there’s nothing like wading your way up the river or creek and casting as you go. You get a genuine workout just walking against strong currents and the waist-deep water and keeping your foothold despite the slippery and rocky riverbed. Your casting arm can get fully energized with all the swinging of the rod you have to do back and forth, repeatedly.


The fly fishing gear alone is enough to get you all excited. You need vests and waders, rods and reels along with the little devices and gadgets that go into your fishing vest pockets. You need specialized tools for tying one knot and then another to tie another type of knot or a fly on a leader. Your collection of flies should be kept in a hardy fly box. Another thing that makes fly fishing exciting is the people you will be able to meet and the stories you will share with them and others at the end of your fishing trip. The friendships you forge can influence other areas of your life, with your newfound relationships easily blending with your existing ones when the time comes. Truly, fly fishing transcends all boundaries in its simplicity as an activity.

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